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VLBI imaging of the double peaked emission line seyfert KISSR 1494
Kharb, P Mousumi Das Paragi, Z Subramanian, S Pradeep Chitta, L
Kiloparsec-scale radio emission in Seyfert and LINER galaxies
Singh, V Ishwara-Chandra, C. H Wadadekar, Yogesh Beelen, Alexandre Kharb, P
The VMC survey – XIII. type II cepheids in the large magellanic cloud
Ripepi, V Moretti, M. I Marconi, M Clementini, G Cioni, M. -R. L de Grijs, R Emerson, J. P Groenewegen, M. A. T Ivanov, V. D Muraveva, T Piatti, A. E Subramanian, S
A search for diffuse bands in fullerene planetary nebulae: evidence of diffuse circumstellar bands
Diaz-Luis, J. J Garcia-Hernandez, D. A Kameswara Rao, N Manchado, A Cataldo, F
Chemical analysis of CH stars – II. atmospheric parameters and elemental abundances
Drisya, K Goswami, A
H i kinematics of the Large Magellanic Cloud revisited: Evidence of possible infall and outflow
Indu, G Subramaniam, A
Disk of the small magellanic cloud as traced by Cepheids
Subramanian, S Subramaniam, A
Magnetic field structure around cores with very low luminosity objects
Soam, A Maheswar, G Lee, C. W Dib, S Bhatt, H. C Tamura, M Kim, G
Application of polarized line formation theory to the solar spectrum
Smitha, H. N
Evaluation of the effective temperature of sunspots using molecular parameters of AlF
Balachandra Kumar, K Raja, V Karthikeyan, B Bagare, S. P Rajamanickam, N
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