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Bile acid amphiphiles with tunable head groups as highly selective antitubercular agents
Bansal, S. Singh, M. Kidwai, S.
A genetic mechanism for Tibetan high-altitude adaptation
Lorenzo, F. R. Huff, C. Myllymaki, M.
Nature of the Charged Headgroup Determines the Fusogenic Potential and Membrane Properties of Lithocholic Acid Phospholipids
Bhargava, P. Singh, M. Sreekanth, V.
Ionic liquid promoted synthesis of beta-enamino ketones and esters under microwave irradiation
Singh, A. Gupta, N. Sharma, M. L.
Adjustable Locks and Flexible Keys: Plasticity of Epitope-Paratope Interactions in Germline Antibodies
Khan, T. Salunkhe, D. M.
Unraveling the impact of hydroxylation on interactions of bile acid cationic lipids with model membranes by in-depth calorimetry studies
Singh, M. Bajaj, A.
Comparative Structural Proteomics of Allergenic Proteins from Plant Pollen
Salunke, D. M. Gill, J. Dwevedi, A.
Number of Free Hydroxyl Groups on Bile Acid Phospholipids Determines the Fluidity and Hydration of Model Membranes
Sreekanth, V. Bajaj, A.
Do follicular dendritic cells regulate lupus-specific B cells?
Heesters, B. A. Das, A. Chatterjee, P.
SpaB, an atypically adhesive basal pilin from the lactobacillar SpaCBA pilus: crystallization and X-ray diffraction analysis
Kumar Megta, Abhin Palva, Airi von Ossowski, Ingemar Krishnan, Vengadesan
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