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A patient-specific therapeutic approach for tumour cell population extinction and drug toxicity reduction using control systems-based dose-profile design
Kapoor, S Rallabandi, VPS Sakode, C
Large-scale Functional Integration, Rather than Functional Dissociation along Dorsal and Ventral Streams, Underlies Visual Perception and Action
Ray, D Hajare, N Roy, D Banerjee, A
Early accelerated senescence of circulating endothelial progenitor cells in premature coronary artery disease patients in a developing country - a case control study
Vemparala, K Roy, A Bahl, VK
Nonlinear temporal receptive fields of neurons in the dorsal cochlear nucleus
Bandyopadhyay, S Young, ED
Chandipura Virus Induces Neuronal Death through Fas-Mediated Extrinsic Apoptotic Pathway
Ghosh, S Dutta, K Basu, A
Human activity modeling by spatio temporal textural appearance
Melfi, R Kondra, S Petrosino, A
Grb2 Is Regulated by Foxd3 and Has Roles in Preventing Accumulation and Aggregation of Mutant Huntingtin
Baksi, S Jana, NR Bhattacharyya, NP
Physiological Slowing and Upregulation of Inhibition in Cortex Are Correlated with Behavioral Deficits in Protein Malnourished Rats
Chaudhary, R Chugh, M Darokhan, Z
Agmatine rescues autistic behaviors in the valproic acid-induced animal model of autism
Kim, JW Seung, H Kim, KC Gonzales, ELT Oh, HA Yang, SM Ko, MJ Han, SH Banerjee, S Shin, CY
Learning effective connectivity from fMRI using autoregressive hidden Markov model with missing data
Dang, S Chaudhurya, S Lalla, B Roy, PK
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