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SCIENCE-CENTRAL is a Centralized Institutional Repositories Hosting Service for DST-DBT Labs along with a Harvester Service for all the DST-DBT Institutional Repositories.

Individual OAI-PMH Compliant Institutional Repositories have been set up, configured and customized on a central server namely CSIR CENTRAL for each of the DST-DBT labs which do not have Institutional Repositories in their own data centre. A centralized harvester is used to regularly harvest data of all institutional repositories of DST-DBT labs. This value added service enables the research community to search and view the R & D literatures from different DST-DBT Institutes through a single console.

The sciencecentral.in is a main domain under which sub domains for each laboratory’s IR are created. At present there are 17 Institutional Repositories hosted at the science central, while 42 institutional repositories are regularly harvested on the same.

The science central server is setup, configured, hosted and maintained by CSIR-Unit for Research and Development of Information Products (URDIP), Pune in its data centre.

Top 5 Most Downloaded Items
  1. Should Indian researchers pay to get their work published? (dst)
    Number of downloads~674
  2. Which statistical hypothesis test should I apply? A simple guide for beginners (cdfd)
    Number of downloads~428
  3. Finger millet bran supplementation alleviates obesity-induced oxidative stress, inflammation and gut microbial derangements in high-fat diet-fed mice (nabi)
    Number of downloads~274
  4. Role of gamma-delta (gd) T cells in autoimmunity (nccs)
    Number of downloads~77
  5. Pili in Probiotic Bacteria (rcb)
    Number of downloads~73
Top 10 Latest Items
  • Repurposing Methotrexate in Dampening SARS-CoV2-S1-Mediated IL6 Expression: Lessons Learnt from Lung Cancer
    - 08-September-2021
  • An insight into molecular interaction of PGIP with PG for banana cultivar
    - 08-September-2021
  • Genome-wide DNA Methylation and RNAseq Analyses Identify Aberrant Signalling Pathways in Focal Cortical Dysplasia (FCD) Type II
    - 08-September-2021
  • Upregulation of breast cancer resistance protein and major vault protein in drug resistant epilepsy
    - 08-September-2021
  • RNA-seq analysis of hippocampal tissues reveals novel candidate genes for drug refractory epilepsy in patients with MTLE-HS
    - 08-September-2021
  • Role of inflammation and its miRNA based regulation in epilepsy: Implications for therapy
    - 08-September-2021
  • Mutations associated with retinopathies alter mitogen-activated protein kinase-induced phosphorylation of neural retina leucine-zipper
    - 08-September-2021
  • Diagnostic added value of interictal magnetic source imaging in presurgical evaluation of persons with epilepsy: A prospective blinded study
    - 08-September-2021
  • Corpus Callosum Remodeling in Glioma: Constancy of Fiber Density and Anisotropy in MRI
    - 03-September-2021
  • Atypical core-periphery brain dynamics in autism
    - 03-September-2021
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Lab-Wise Statistics of IRs hosted on Science Central
IR LAB Total Items Total Downloads Full Text Open Access
IR@cdfd 984 7672
IR@dbt 0 0
IR@dst 20 2022
IR@nabi 51 1756
IR@nbrc 702 1279
IR@nccs 975 1539
IR@rcb 231 479
IR@rgcb 851 92