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SCIENCE-CENTRAL is a Centralized Institutional Repositories Hosting Service for DST-DBT Labs along with a Harvester Service for all the DST-DBT Institutional Repositories.

Individual OAI-PMH Compliant Institutional Repositories have been set up, configured and customized on a central server namely CSIR CENTRAL for each of the DST-DBT labs which do not have Institutional Repositories in their own data centre. A centralized harvester is used to regularly harvest data of all institutional repositories of DST-DBT labs. This value added service enables the research community to search and view the R & D literatures from different DST-DBT Institutes through a single console.

The sciencecentral.in is a main domain under which sub domains for each laboratory’s IR are created. At present there are 17 Institutional Repositories hosted at the science central, while 42 institutional repositories are regularly harvested on the same.

The science central server is setup, configured, hosted and maintained by CSIR-Unit for Research and Development of Information Products (URDIP), Pune in its data centre.

Top 5 Most Downloaded Items
  1. Should Indian researchers pay to get their work published? (dst)
    Number of downloads~451
  2. Indian herb 'Sanjeevani' (Selaginella bryopteris) can promote growth and protect against heat shock and apoptotic activities of ultra violet and oxidative stress. (cdfd)
    Number of downloads~349
  3. Finger millet bran supplementation alleviates obesity-induced oxidative stress, inflammation and gut microbial derangements in high-fat diet-fed mice (nabi)
    Number of downloads~224
  4. New insights about pilus formation in gut-adapted Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG from the crystal structure of the SpaA backbone-pilin subunit (rcb)
    Number of downloads~66
  5. Role of gamma-delta (gd) T cells in autoimmunity (nccs)
    Number of downloads~61
Top 10 Latest Items
  • Oxidative stress promotes mutant huntingtin aggregation and mutant huntingtin-dependent cell death by mimicking proteasomal malfunction
    - 06-February-2020
  • A dissociation of structure and function in the auditory cortex of patients with schizophrenia
    - 06-February-2020
  • Down-regulation of glutaredoxin by estrogen receptor antagonist renders female mice susceptible to excitatory amino acid mediated complex I inhibition in CNS
    - 06-February-2020
  • Astrocytes and developmental white matter disorders
    - 06-February-2020
  • Astrogliosis Is Not Solely Depend Upon Activating the Type 1 Interleukin-1 Receptor
    - 06-February-2020
  • Unique cytochromes P450 in human brain: implication in disease pathogenesis
    - 06-February-2020
  • Short exposure to an enriched environment accelerates plasticity in the barrel cortex of adult rats
    - 06-February-2020
  • Curcumin Induces the Stress Response and Down Regulates Nf-Kb Activation by Directly Inhibiting Proteasomal Function
    - 06-February-2020
  • Curcumin enhances the polyglutamine-expanded truncated N-terminal huntingtin-induced cell death by promoting proteasomal malfunction
    - 06-February-2020
  • Recent advances in understanding the pathogenesis of polyglutamine diseases: involvement of molecular chaperones and ubiquitin-proteasome pathway
    - 05-February-2020
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Lab-Wise Statistics of IRs hosted on Science Central
IR LAB Total Items Total Downloads Full Text Open Access
IR@cdfd 941 5097
IR@dbt 0 0
IR@dst 19 1354
IR@nabi 35 1353
IR@nbrc 608 270
IR@nccs 664 1031
IR@rcb 125 270
IR@rgcb 776 92